How do I make my first gig on Fiverr? Make fiverr-friendly gig and get first order

How do I make my first gig on Fiverr? Make fiverr-friendly gig and get first order 

Fiverr is a freelancer platform where we can sell and buy our services, we can understand this in a way such as .. (a shopkeeper and a customer) We are a customer and we go to a shop and there are goods from there In return we give money to that shopkeeper. 

Similarly, fiverr is also a platform where we can work as a shopkeeper if we have any work, then we can complete it online And whoever gets us from work will pay us like a customer.

If you have any work in the world then you can earn money by making an account on fiverr. If you do not want to create your account on fiverr, then read our post. In this post we have told you that How can you easily create a fiverr account from your mobile phone

We have given a few steps, by following these steps, you can easily create your own attractive, beautiful, and first gig!

It is not possible to make Gig on the application of fiverr. To make it, you have to log on to the fiverr's website. You can use your computer or laptop for it. Making gig in mobile is very difficult, you may have problems

#1. Login your fiverr account

#2. Complete your profile

#3. Go to "create new gig"

#4. Create gig title, select gig category and meta tags

#5. Complete your pricing for gig

#6. Write gig discription (unique and attractive)

#7. Enter requirements for workload

#8. Add your work demo photos and 70 seconds video

#9. Preview your data

#10. Published your gig


First of all, open Google or Chrome browser on your computer, then you have to type
Now you have to go to the login panel and enter your email id and password and login to the fiverr account!

Keep in mind that you do not make gig from mobile application because you can not see your fiverr gig carefully in the mobile application, then you have a chance to make a mistake

2. Complete your profile

After login you will have to click on your profile above you will appear in the fiverr's right hand side. Now you have to convince your profile. To complete the profile, insert an image of your image that you did not paste from anywhere. You can insert your original picture inside it.

Now put your college where you have completed the study and put your graduation in which you have a degree or diploma.

(b) discription

In the profile description you tell your Experience, in which field you have Experience, you can put it in the list of Experience list.

Keep in mind that you do not show off your experience by doing so, by doing this, you will feel like a scammer and you will not get any more orders.

(c) language

In the language you select the language in which you can communicate with the people. The language most commonly used in the language is English. If you enjoy English, you can communicate well with the people because the language is the first impression To take any order

Your language should be adequate to perform any work properly. Your communication skills should be good so that you
Communicate with it and set it up!

Because..most clients come from outside in Fiverr, they can be from other country too and do not understand Hindi or other language
if you do not come to Hindi if you do not come to English then you can not communicate on fiverr; You will not be able to work if you have customers come from India, you can work them easily!

If you have to become a good professional freelancer, you will have to learn English. Only then can you tell foreign visitors who come to fiverr about their own work and order them!

(d) linked accounts

If you have any social media account you have in the account, if you have a Facebook account, then you add the Facebook profile link there. In addition to Facebook, if you have LinkedIn's account then you can add it to the same address. What happens to you, whatever your social media for lover is, you can follow through social media fiverr.

(e) skills

Whatever skill you have in your ad, please add that if you are a web developer, then whatever you have is the web design, then you can add it inside the logo design,
 SPO, Video Intro, Social Media Networking, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Marketing etc.

Make fiverr-friendly gig and get first order 

3. Go to "create new gig"

Gig on fiverr

Now you have to click on create a new gig and continue by completing Personal and Professional Profile. Job Security Question if you want to add it, then you can add that question to it.

4. Create gig title, select gig category and meta tags

Now you have a "category option" in front of you. Whatever category you want to do in your category, you want to make a seller account that you want to select from that category.

Just like my category logo design, and website design, I select them and you have to select whatever category you have.

5. Complete your pricing for gig 

The next option comes to you. Whatever pricing you want to keep, you can keep pricing accordingly. You have to keep three types of prising in it, the first simple, the second medium and the third premium

 For simple you can keep your price between 5 and $ 15 and keep it in Medium or Standard from 15 to $ 20 or 25 or $ 30

Now in premium
You can keep pricing as much as you want. If your work is a little hard then you can increase your pricing slightly according to pricing can be up to $ 2000 or even more.

If a customer has a demand and wants to get you done quickly, you can take some money from that customer for that

6. Write gig discription (unique and attractive)

In Gig Description you give your own specification like if you want to insert a description of the logo design, you can tell your complete details about the logo design, which type of logo you make. Whatever quality you want to give in the logo, the quality you can write here

 Description is an important part of your gig, seeing the description, the customer works with you and that is the main part. You get orders, you get orders based on the specification, 

if your descriptive is very attractive and quite different from the people So you can order more and more! He is dependent on how you write your description. In the description you can write a description of 200 to 1200 words.

 Do not write anything wrong in the description if you do this and tomorrow, if you do not work on this, your cellular account is affected.

7. Enter requirements for workload

Whatever kind of work you want to work in, and what you need to do for doing that work, you can get it from your customer like. If you make 1 logo, Let's know what the people want, and what they want to show differently in the people, and you will also know that the customer has a sketch on which we can give them a logo!

Requirements are an important part of your work to make 100% better, if you know the customer's requirements, then you can do them good work on the basis that your ranking also increases very well and you will also get ahead in life. You get the job done and your earnings also happen!

8. Add your work demo photos and 70 seconds video

Now you have the option of a photograph in the side, you can add a demo photo of your work like if you want to design 1 logo, then according to that you have made a logo or created your own logo You can put demo on there!

If you have a demo video of your work, you can also add it here, it makes your work even better.

 The advantage of this is that if a customer watches your video or photograph of you that you have photographed your demo and if he likes it, then 100% will do the work with you, there is no doubt in it, then a photo And the video can order you if you do not put photos and videos, so the customer can not recognize what you do and what you can do and what you can order Will not meet

9. Preview your data

Whatever data you have been filled up so far, you check that data once and for all what happens to you. You can correct it if you accidentally mistake it.

10. Published your gig


In this article, we have explained how you can make your first gig on fiverr and how to earn money by publishing that gig and what are the precautions you make while creating a gig, you have been told here, if If you have liked this article, then you are welcome to comment on it and whatever you have in your statement, write it down there. We will reply you soon and will try to resolve your problem. Of

We hope that this article will prove to be very helpful for you, we will continue to help you in the future!
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