Health insurance full guide | what is individual and family floater plan or quote

Health insurance full guide | what is individual and family floater plan or quote

Indivisual and family floater health insurance policies or quote

today we will talk about what is health insurance and why we need health insurance and why it is important to get health insurance

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What is Health Insurance  ??

Hello friends,
The way we buy a bike or a car, then we can insure it before taking it. There is an insurance company, we have to insure our car insurance.  If our bike or car is an accident in the future and our work breaks it into the bike, then the whole fund is offered on behalf of the company.

In this one does not invest or spend any of our money, then this is the benefit of insurance.

If there is a sudden accident in our future or with any member of our family, or if he becomes disturbed by any disease or becomes disturbed by any disease,

then the hospital has to spend millions of rupees on medicines. And if we do not have money in it, then we can not save that member of our family, they can not get rid of that disease,

If we had been insured from any of the best companies, then all the amount of money spent on medicines of Sara would have been done through the company's entire bill and we do not have to pay a single penny on our behalf.

Types of Health Insurance 

Friends, Health Insurance is the ordering of your purchased policy, however, if we talk about health insurance, there are two main types:
First Individual Health Insurance, And the other is:
Family Floater Plan,
Now you have to decide which health insurance plan you have to choose from.

My opinion, if you have a family floater plan, which is a health insurance, it is for the whole family, it is the West Within Family Health Insurance, if your family has 5 members, then 5 members have health insurance,

in which you have to pay a premium for the year,

it is also at a very low rate. The accounting of this health insurance leads to any disease of any of your family or if it is administered in the hospital, the cost of total medicines is paid by the health insurance company.

Why it is important to get a Health Insurance 

Friends, if talked about developed countries, then the government throughholding health insurance has been imposed, but if you talk about the other country, you are hesitant to accept health insurance there,

it considers it a waste of money. Today, we are clean, healthy and will not be guaranteed healthy tomorrow, this is the reason why we should take health insurance

Benefits of Health Insurance 

Friends,  health insurance has many advantages, if you do not have any money and that time is sick in your family member and you get admission in the hospital then you do not have to pay any money, If your health insurance is done then all payments are made through that company.

It is necessary that whichever company you take from health insurance, check it thoroughly