How do I make my first gig on Fiverr? Make fiverr-friendly gig and get first order

How do I make my first gig on Fiverr? Make fiverr-friendly gig and get first order 

Fiverr is a freelancer platform where we can sell and buy our services, we can understand this in a way such as .. (a shopkeeper and a customer) We are a customer and we go to a shop and there are goods from there In return we give money to that shopkeeper. 

Similarly, fiverr is also a platform where we can work as a shopkeeper if we have any work, then we can complete it online And whoever gets us from work will pay us like a customer.

If you have any work in the world then you can earn money by making an account on fiverr. If you do not want to create your account on fiverr, then read our post. In this post we have told you that How can you easily create a fiverr account from your mobile phone

We have given a few steps, by following these steps, you can easily create your own attractive, beautiful, and first gig!

It is not possible to make Gig on the application of fiverr. To make it, you have to log on to the fiverr's website. You can use your computer or laptop for it. Making gig in mobile is very difficult, you may have problems

#1. Login your fiverr account

#2. Complete your profile

#3. Go to "create new gig"

#4. Create gig title, select gig category and meta tags

#5. Complete your pricing for gig

#6. Write gig discription (unique and attractive)

#7. Enter requirements for workload

#8. Add your work demo photos and 70 seconds video

#9. Preview your data

#10. Published your gig


First of all, open Google or Chrome browser on your computer, then you have to type
Now you have to go to the login panel and enter your email id and password and login to the fiverr account!

Keep in mind that you do not make gig from mobile application because you can not see your fiverr gig carefully in the mobile application, then you have a chance to make a mistake

2. Complete your profile

After login you will have to click on your profile above you will appear in the fiverr's right hand side. Now you have to convince your profile. To complete the profile, insert an image of your image that you did not paste from anywhere. You can insert your original picture inside it.

Now put your college where you have completed the study and put your graduation in which you have a degree or diploma.

(b) discription

In the profile description you tell your Experience, in which field you have Experience, you can put it in the list of Experience list.

Keep in mind that you do not show off your experience by doing so, by doing this, you will feel like a scammer and you will not get any more orders.

(c) language

In the language you select the language in which you can communicate with the people. The language most commonly used in the language is English. If you enjoy English, you can communicate well with the people because the language is the first impression To take any order

Your language should be adequate to perform any work properly. Your communication skills should be good so that you
Communicate with it and set it up!

Because..most clients come from outside in Fiverr, they can be from other country too and do not understand Hindi or other language
if you do not come to Hindi if you do not come to English then you can not communicate on fiverr; You will not be able to work if you have customers come from India, you can work them easily!

If you have to become a good professional freelancer, you will have to learn English. Only then can you tell foreign visitors who come to fiverr about their own work and order them!

(d) linked accounts

If you have any social media account you have in the account, if you have a Facebook account, then you add the Facebook profile link there. In addition to Facebook, if you have LinkedIn's account then you can add it to the same address. What happens to you, whatever your social media for lover is, you can follow through social media fiverr.

(e) skills

Whatever skill you have in your ad, please add that if you are a web developer, then whatever you have is the web design, then you can add it inside the logo design,
 SPO, Video Intro, Social Media Networking, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Marketing etc.

Make fiverr-friendly gig and get first order 

3. Go to "create new gig"

Gig on fiverr

Now you have to click on create a new gig and continue by completing Personal and Professional Profile. Job Security Question if you want to add it, then you can add that question to it.

4. Create gig title, select gig category and meta tags

Now you have a "category option" in front of you. Whatever category you want to do in your category, you want to make a seller account that you want to select from that category.

Just like my category logo design, and website design, I select them and you have to select whatever category you have.

5. Complete your pricing for gig 

The next option comes to you. Whatever pricing you want to keep, you can keep pricing accordingly. You have to keep three types of prising in it, the first simple, the second medium and the third premium

 For simple you can keep your price between 5 and $ 15 and keep it in Medium or Standard from 15 to $ 20 or 25 or $ 30

Now in premium
You can keep pricing as much as you want. If your work is a little hard then you can increase your pricing slightly according to pricing can be up to $ 2000 or even more.

If a customer has a demand and wants to get you done quickly, you can take some money from that customer for that

6. Write gig discription (unique and attractive)

In Gig Description you give your own specification like if you want to insert a description of the logo design, you can tell your complete details about the logo design, which type of logo you make. Whatever quality you want to give in the logo, the quality you can write here

 Description is an important part of your gig, seeing the description, the customer works with you and that is the main part. You get orders, you get orders based on the specification, 

if your descriptive is very attractive and quite different from the people So you can order more and more! He is dependent on how you write your description. In the description you can write a description of 200 to 1200 words.

 Do not write anything wrong in the description if you do this and tomorrow, if you do not work on this, your cellular account is affected.

7. Enter requirements for workload

Whatever kind of work you want to work in, and what you need to do for doing that work, you can get it from your customer like. If you make 1 logo, Let's know what the people want, and what they want to show differently in the people, and you will also know that the customer has a sketch on which we can give them a logo!

Requirements are an important part of your work to make 100% better, if you know the customer's requirements, then you can do them good work on the basis that your ranking also increases very well and you will also get ahead in life. You get the job done and your earnings also happen!

8. Add your work demo photos and 70 seconds video

Now you have the option of a photograph in the side, you can add a demo photo of your work like if you want to design 1 logo, then according to that you have made a logo or created your own logo You can put demo on there!

If you have a demo video of your work, you can also add it here, it makes your work even better.

 The advantage of this is that if a customer watches your video or photograph of you that you have photographed your demo and if he likes it, then 100% will do the work with you, there is no doubt in it, then a photo And the video can order you if you do not put photos and videos, so the customer can not recognize what you do and what you can do and what you can order Will not meet

9. Preview your data

Whatever data you have been filled up so far, you check that data once and for all what happens to you. You can correct it if you accidentally mistake it.

10. Published your gig


In this article, we have explained how you can make your first gig on fiverr and how to earn money by publishing that gig and what are the precautions you make while creating a gig, you have been told here, if If you have liked this article, then you are welcome to comment on it and whatever you have in your statement, write it down there. We will reply you soon and will try to resolve your problem. Of

We hope that this article will prove to be very helpful for you, we will continue to help you in the future!

How to earn money on fiverr in India - get your first $5 online on fiverr

How to earn money on fiverr in India - get your first $5 online on fiverr

Fiverr is a good example in the world of Earn Money Online. If you know about fiverr then it is very good if you do not know about fiverr, then read this article carefully. In this article, we will give you full information that fiverr What is the money and how can we earn money from fiverr!
How to earn money on fiverr 

What is fiverr ??

Fiverr is a online earn money industry. Here you can share your creativity or you can share your talents with people, you can work them according to your talent and they will give you money for it!

If you are a musician, if you are a web developer, or you are a user, or you like making videos or you like writing articles or you like to give voice,
If you have any work in the world, you can earn it on easily fiverr!

How to earn money from fiverr ??

Making money from fiverr is very easy, if you get any work, you can give it to the people and the fiverr or the person who works for it will pay you!

How do I create an account on fiverr?

Step1: Creating an account on fiverr is very easy for you to install the application of fiverr. You can get the fiber application available on the Play Store or at the App Store.

Step2: Open the application of fiverr in the second state. Now you get the option of three dots in the right hand side or left hand side. Click on that option, you will see the option of join fiverr.

Now you have to click on join fiverr and add your details ...
In it, whatever name you have your name, put it in it, after which you have to enter your email ID and then you will have to enter a strong password,

Step3: Now, whatever term and condition you have been given, you can extract it if you have a captcha in front of you.

Now you have to sign up by clicking on the sign up below!

Attention: fiverr sends an email verification link to your email. You open this e-mail verification link and validate your email ID.

If you have to update your account, you should update your account now. Keep in mind that you have to enter the mobile number and email id that is always open or in service!

Step: final Your account has been created in fiverr !!

Once your account is created, you can log into the fiverr again and open the dashboard.

You have created your account on fiverr. Now let's complete whatever profile setting you have. You can also say profile settings to profile settings.

To set up the account, you will see the option of profile setting under the profile in the right-hand side of the application. You also simply go to that option, in profile settings, you would enter your profile photo, your name, and email ID and status online. is !

Step1: Profile photo: In this you upload your real photo which is smile as you do not enter any copyright or reuse photos in it. You insert your original photo in the photo!

Step 2: Confirm your Email ID!

Step3: Fit your online status You can set how long you want to keep your gig online

 Step4: Save and Continue!

Now it comes that we have created our account on fiverr, but how to earn it now?

If we talk today, making money on fiverr is so easy and difficult too!

How do you know if you talk about 7- to 8 years ago, the compression was very low on the fiverr and the workers who worked in this area were very few and the amount of those who did it was very high.
And at that time, who made his account on fiverr and started his work, he is earning a lot of money from fiverr today.

If you talk about 2019 now, making money from fivrrr has become very difficult, but it is not possible.

If you follow the term and condition of fiverr and start working on fiverr without any copyright or unique thinking then the trust of fiverr increases on you and the fiverr starts to order you!

It also increases the racking in your fiverr and your earnings also increase significantly!

Summary: (conclusion)

Friends, we have told in this post that what is the fiverr and how to create an account in the fiverr and how can we earn money from the fiverr's account daily? If you have any questions regarding this article, then send us a quick note. We will reply to them soon and will try to make sure that you have shot down the issue of fiverrs.

Also, tell us how good this article is for you and what is the information given in it. How do you feel if you like this information, then double comment, you should give your suggestion in the first comment and in the second comment, Write your opinion in

How to earn money online with Google -10 easy way to make money online at home |earn 1000$ monthly

How to earn money online with Google -10 easy way to make money online

In this article "How to earn money online Without investment at home or office" Earn money aajkal ek treading topic ban Gya hai. Her male or female and students ek online/offline tarika search karte hai, is article me sabhi questions ke Jabab hai ki hum kis Tarah money earn kar sakte hai wo bhi google ki help se, ise hum earn money from google bhi kah sakte hai. Hum earn money online at home per bhi discussion karenge.

How to earn money online at home

Online paise kaise kamate hai wo bhi google se or bina kisi lagat ke(without invest) , hum apke sath kuch online earning platform share karenge jaise google, Facebook page, websites, blogs, earning application.

Top10 way to make money online at home 

1. Google

Google ek achha earning platform hai. Kyonki her ek website jisse hum earn karte hai ya Karana chahte hai wo Google se linked hai. Google ka ek feature hai "google adsense". Google adsense ek asa platform hai jiski help se hum 400$-3000$ monthly earning kar sakte hai ya isse bhi jayada kama sakate hai.

What is Google adsense?

Google adsense ek advertising ka achha platform hai yanha per her ek badi brand, company ya application linked hai jo adsense ka sahara leti hai khud ko promote karne ke liye wo iske liye adsense ko pay bhi karti hai. 

Yadi hum google adsense ki ads ko apne blog ya website par link karwakr show karavaate hai to Google adsense apko iske liye pay karata hai, Google adsense ki bhi kuch term and conditions hoti hai yadi hum unako follow karate hai to hum yanha se kabhi achhi earning le sakate hai.

2. Facebook

Facebook se bhi aap earning kar sakate hai iske liye apako Facebook page banana hai or us page me unique videos share krne hai. Ab Facebook apko pay kaise karengi.

Hal hi me Facebook ne page monetization ka process start ker diya hai yadi apke page per achha traffic aata hai to aap daily video publish karen or earn kare.

How to earn money online by social media

How to monetization Facebook page?

Facebook page ko monetize karana bahut hi aasaan hai isake liye apako is process ko follow karen ya video watch kare.


(A)  Open the monetization form via link
Facebook page
(B)  fill the form accurately

(C) submitted the form

3. Tik tok application

Aajkal har koi tik tok ke baren me janata hai par kya apko ye pta hai ki aap tik-tok se paise bhi kama sakate hai.

How to earn money via tik tok?

Tik tok se paise earn Karana bilkul bhi aasaan hai isake liye apako tik tok par account banana hai ya aap apne Facebook account se bhi tik tok par sign up kar sakte hai. 
Iske bad apko is par video share karani hai wo bhi unique 100%.
Kis parkar ki video hum bana sakte hai?

Tik tok par aap her koi video banaker daal sakte hai yadi apko money earn karni hai to aap entertainment or funny video se suruat kar sakate hai kyoki aajkal her koi funny video dekhana pasand karata hai.

How to earn money online

4. Like application

Like application bhee same tik tok ki tarah hai aap yanha bhi video dal kar money earn ker sakate hai or aap eassy tarike se yanha se 100$-500$ monthly earn kar sakate hai.

What is like application?

Like application 2017 se popular hua tha aaj her koi like ke videos ko janta hai or us per apko her tarah ki videos mil jati hai or achhi bat ye ki like ek best way hai online earning ka.

5. YouTube

YouTube bhi ek achha platform hai online earning ka aajkl her koi YouTube ko janta hai or is per traffic ki bat karen to billions hai. Pura world YouTube ko janta hai ye ek videos platform hai. Or her videos per owner ko pay hota hai.

How to earn money from YouTube?

YouTube per paisa kamana bhut hi asan hai. Isake liye aapako YouTube per channel banana hai or fir usamen aap interested video dalker money earn kar sakate hai
Yadi aap ek student hai to aap study topic per videos share kar sakate hai . Yadi aap ek artist hai to aap apani art ko YouTube per publish kar sakate hai isase apko earning bhi hogi or permotion bhi milegi.

6. Blog/websites

Blog/websites ek acha platform hai. online earn money ka yadi aap ek blog or website create ker lete hai or ya kisi se krawa late hai to aap isase bhi money earn kar sakate hai.

How to create a blog or website?

Website or blog create karana bahut hi asaan hoga yadi aap isase seekh lete hai.yadi aap janana chahte hai ki website or blog kaise banaaya jata hai to visit kare link per yanha aap hindi me sikh sakate hai.

How to earn money online from blog/websites?

Blog or website se paise kaise kamaya jata hai . Ye bahut hi asan hai apko learn Karana padega ki website or blog me post kaise likhi jati hai or kis parkar likhi jati hai.

What is blog? 

Blog kya hai ye question har ek ke mind me rahata hai. Blog ek information sharing platform hota hai isame hum apane ideas, apana talent logo ke bich la sakate hai. Or hum unako readable best format me samjhaa sakate hai wo bhi ek article ki form me or kisi bhi language me.

Tranding blog:

Tranding blog ki bat karen to aajkal make money online at home ek achha topic hai ya aap news related artical jayada tranding me hai. aap news related blog bana kar jaise technical news, mobile gadgets ke upar article likh sakate hai.

How to create a blog post?

Blog post create me sabase badi bat hai topic or keyword ki yadi aap ek student hai to aap apne intrest ke hisab se blog post likh sakate hai. Or yadi aap ek bussiness man hai to aap apne company/brand ke lie post likh sakte hai isse achhi earning hoti hai.

7. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing bhi acha platform hai online make money ka aap yadi student hai to aap affiliate marketing se achi-khasi earning kar sakate hai.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing ek selling bussiness hai isme yadi aap koi badi brand ya company ke products ko apni redirect link ke through sell krawate hai to company ya brand apko isake liye kuch percent comition deti hai yadi aapke pass acha khasa knowledge hai to aap affiliate marketing se money earn kar sakate hai

Example ke liye yadi aap shopping website jaise Amazon, flipcart, shopclues jaise brand/websites ke products ko via affiliate marketing sell krawate hai to aap easily 100$-500$ monthly earning kar sakte hai.

Amazon affiliate marketing?

Amazon affiliate marketing se aap money earn kar sakate hai isake liye apko Amazon affiliate program me apna account create karana hai or isake bad aap Amazon ke products ko sell karawa sakate hai. Amazon apko 10-20 percent comition deti hai.

How to create Amazon affiliate account?

Isake liye app link ko open kare or account create kare kuch hi steps me.


(A) Open any browser like Google

(B)  type Amazon affiliate

(C) click on similar link

(D) fill all details

(E) submitted the form and login

8. Data Entry

Data Entry se bhee aap achha khaasa paisa earn kar sakate hai. Google me bahut sari company hai jo ligal hai aap in companies se add hokar money earn kar sakate hai.

Attention: in companies me bahut saari  company froud hai to aap dhaayaan rakhe yadi aap koi bhi company me add hote hai to isase pahale aap company ki puri janakari nikal le yadi aap asan  nahi karate hai to aapake sath froud ho sakata hai

                  Janiye kaise👇👇

Ye companies aapako form feel ya data enter ka work deti hai jise aap home par kar sakate hai wo bhi easily or isake lie company aapako payment karati hai.

9. Online survey

what is online survey? : online survey ek achha platform hai make money at home isame aapako company dawara apane brand or products ke baren me survey di jaati hai. Survey ek questions ka group hota hai jo logo ko products ke roop me chahie hota hai. 

unake question ko ek moderator ki jarurat hoti hai yadi hum company me sign-up Karen or daily survey complete karate hai to company hame payment karati hai jaise 1-Survey ke 4$-5$ ya adhiak.

Yadi aap daily 2-3 hours kaam karate hai to aap easily 400$-500$ monthly earn kar sakate hai.

10. Copy past work

Copy paste work se bhee aap Daily  earning kar sakate hai copy paste work mein bahut Sare link shortener Aate Hain in Mein Hum apna account bana kar ke aur kisi bhi link ko short Karke paise earn kar sakte hain copy paste work mein bahut se Aisi websites hai.

Copy past work bahut hi achha work hai isame aap daily 10$-100$ earn kar sakate hai wo bhee kisi bhee link ko short karake
How to short link via link shortner?
Links ko short karana bahut hi eassy process hai isame apako sabase pahale kisi link ko choose karana hai or link shortner ke link short form me jakar link ko change karen or share karen.

How much pay via link shortner?

Link shortner apako kitana pay karata hai har ek country ke hisaab se link shortner ki cpc hoti hai jaise 1000 click= 15$-20$

Link shortner me sabase jayada cpc apako USA, canada, UAE me India ke mukabale jayaada milati hai.

Aap 5 ya more shortner me kaam karen or monthly 2000$ tak kamaa sakate hai.


is article me hamane 10 most earning platform ke baren me bataya hai. Jo trusted hai or iname aap work kar sakate hai bina kisi dar ke.

Isake alaawa bhee yadi aapke pass koi achha platform hai to share karen taaki is article ki power ko or adhik achhi bana sake.

Sath hi aap apna-apna feedback bhee share karen. Apko is article me di gayi janakari kaise lagi? Or is article ko lekar aapka kya sujhav hai.

Top 10 antivirus for your smartphone

Top 10 antivirus for your smartphone in 2018

Friends aaj hum bat Kar the hai. Top 10 antivirus for your smartphone ke bare me, antivirus apke smartphone ke liye bahut jyada jaruri hai,
Hamne bahut test ke Baad ye search kiye hai.
Top 10 antivirus for your smartphone ye article apke liye bahut jyada important hone wali hai, top 10 antivirus apke smartphone Ko safe rakhenge,

India me hi nhi pure world me 100 me se 90 person smartphone use karte hai.
Or virus ke Karan unko smartphone per kaam karne me dikat aati hai. Aaj kal her koi apna online work smartphone per hi karna pasnd karte hai. Kyonki smartphone easy to handle hai. So us time apko ye top 10 antivirus Bhutan jyada kaam aate hai or ye apke phone Ko safe rakhate hai,
her koi chahta hai ki uska smartphone safe rahe us time apke dimag me ye question uthate hai ki " smartphone Ko safe kase rakhe, to ynha apko apke question ka answer mil jayega.

Apke liye hamne ek best top 10 antivirus list nikaly hai "top 10 antivirus for your smartphone in 2018"

Top 10 antivirus for your smartphone in 2018 list 

1: AVG antAntiVirus

AVG Sabse acha smartphone antivirus hai ye antivirus special PC ke liye design Kiya gya hai but AAP isse android or tablets ke liye bhi use Kar sakte hai.

AVG antivirus for smartphone

isse AAP google play store se free me install Kar sakte hai iski rating 4.4 hai.
Isme apko kafi achhe features mil jaate hai i.e scam application, outer virus protection,

2: 360 security

Ye antivirus one of the best antivirus hai apke smartphone ke liye, isme apko free smartphone booster or antivirus remove jaise features mil jaate hai use bhi AAP play store se free me install Kar sakte hai,
Iski rating bhi 4.4 hai jo kafi achi hai.

360 security antivirus for andrAnd

Is currentlyme apko scan and antivirus acceleration, scan power-sever jaise features mil jaye hai ye top10 antivirus for your smartphone in 2018 me second no. Ka Sabse best hai.

3: Dr.web antivirus

Top10 antivirus for android me yeah best antivirus hai jo free me aap google play store se install kar sakte hai,
Dr.web security antivirus

Jiski play store par rating 4.4 hai. Isme apko origin tracks, detect, agyat malware protection milti hai. Iske sath hi apko isme apko Real-time file system scanning kw sath SpIDer Guard, sd card protection for malware,Anti-theft jaise features mil jate hai,

4: NQ Mobile Security
Best top10 antivirus for your smartphone me yeah bhi achha working antivirus software hai jiski google play store me rating 4.4 hai.
Isme apko anti spam, mobile malware protection, and one click file manger application uninstalled jaise features mil jate hai.

5: CM Security
Top10 antivirus for your smartphone me CM Security ek acha antivirus protector hai iski google me rating 4.4 hai.
Isko bilkul simple design kiya gya hai ise aapko all rounder mobile security features mil jate hai. Ye application Av test hai jisme isko achi ranking mili hai. Isme apko mobile security, Wi-Fi protection, Hide private chat, app lock, salfie jaise features mil jate hai jo kafi ache hai,

6: Mobile security &antivirus
Top10 antivirus for your smartphone me se ye application apko kaafi Achha response deti hai. Isko ESET ne develop kiya hai jo ek best pc antivirus company hai.
Isme apko remote lock ka best feature mil jata hai iske other features ki bat karen to apko isme sms,mms, call detect system and anti theft
Internal and outer device virus protection jaise features mil jate hai,

7: antivirus and mobile security trust go
Trust go ek best antivirus hai
Ye ek most antivirus scan engine hai.
Ye application hugerd or harmful application Ko scan karke apko smartphone Ko light rakhta hai top10 antivirus for your smartphone me ye Sabse best hai

8: Avira antivirus security
Avira top10 antivirus for your smartphone me se sabse best hai. Ise avira ne pc or android ke liye design kiya gya hai.

Avira antivirus protection

Avira antivirus security features: isme apko antivirus and malware protection mil jati hai. Iske sath hi apko isme apko khoye hue private data Ko find karne ka option bhi mil jaata hai. Isme apko battery saver ka best feature mil jaata hai,

9: Lookout security and antivirus

10: Security master
Security master ek antivirus or VPN unblock solution hai
Ye apke smartphone ke liye bahut acha hai.

Security master

Isme apko junk file remove karne ka best feature mil jaata hai ye apke phone Ko time to time light rakhta hai virus Ko detect karta hai.iske Sarah hi Cpu cooler, booster jaise features bhi mil jaye hai.
Friends I hope ki hamary yeah post apko pasnd aayegi yadi apko post"top10 antivirus for your smartphone in2018" pasnd aayegi to share kare ....

Wyze cam pan full review (hindi) | buy at $37, 2-way direction voice, WiFi, application connectivity

WYZE CAM PAN:  wyze  cam pan  ek  Bhutan  achha
Safety  cemera  hai  jise  AAP bilkul  chip  cost  me  market se  ya online buy ker sakte hai,
Wyze  cam  me  apko  kafi bahtrin features mil hate hai.
Wyze cam pan 360 degree

Wyze cam pan full review (hindi)

Isme apko Puran pan jhookaw
PTZ zoom power or uske sath hi apko  free  cloud  backup storage ke saath  application bhi free me milati hai, uske sath hi apko dono taraf voice sanchar system milta hai,

Isme apko ek SD card slot bhi diya Jaya hai. Iske look ki bat kare to bhut hi Kamal ka hai AAP image me dekh sakte hai.

Wyze cam pan unboxing:

Wyze cam pan ke box pack me apko jyada kuch bhi milata hai isme apko ek USB cable, or ak wall plugin, jiski madad se ap ise wall per adjest Kar sakte hai.


Wyze cam pan features:

Wyze cam pan ab tak ka Sabse chipest price safety cam hai ise AAP Amazon se online kharid sakte hai .

                 Buy now🔗

Yah cam  360* (degree) move  Kar Sakta  hai  or 93* (degree) long  pic captch  Kar  Sakta  hai.
Uske sath  hi  yeah  8x  tak  zoom Kar Sakta hai. Isme apko image sencer bhi milata hai.
Wyze  cap   ka . look   bhut standard hai ye white colour me hai or ek small cooler ki tarah iski sape hai ye bilkul attractive hai

ise AAP Apne Android phone se connect Kar sakte hai ya koi bhi USB access device ke saath AAP ise connect Kar sakte hai.

Wyze cam price:

Wyze cam ki price Amazon per AAP ise under $37.98  me buy Kar sakte hai Bharat ki bat kare to AAP ise 5000-5800₹ me buy Kar sakte hai, AAP ise direct yanha se bhi purchase Kar sakte hai

Advance wyze cam:

Wyze cam me apko 3 mode milate hai jo is tarah hai
1: alert mode
2: daily mode
3:day update mode

Isme apko bhehtrin options milte hai AAP isme koi bhi mode par recording Kar sakte hai. Isme apko 14 day backup option milta hai jise AAP manual or automatic dono tarike se control Kar sakte hai,
Isme recording power
 1080px  hai  jo  full  high definition  hai. Wyze cam me apko kafi achhi quality mil jati hai.


How to join with application:

sabase pahle AAP ios application install kare or I'd banaye,
Isme AAP EMAIL se sign-up kare, or Apne mobile Ko camera ke pass rakhe
Jaise hi AAP sign-up Kar lete ho apke phone par ek QR code aata hai or dono join ho jate hai.
AAP Apne cam ki recording Ko phone par dekh sakte hai

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Health insurance full guide | what is individual and family floater plan or quote

Health insurance full guide | what is individual and family floater plan or quote

Indivisual and family floater health insurance policies or quote

today we will talk about what is health insurance and why we need health insurance and why it is important to get health insurance

Insurance company
Life insurence quotes and plan
let's talk

What is Health Insurance  ??

Hello friends,
The way we buy a bike or a car, then we can insure it before taking it. There is an insurance company, we have to insure our car insurance.  If our bike or car is an accident in the future and our work breaks it into the bike, then the whole fund is offered on behalf of the company.

In this one does not invest or spend any of our money, then this is the benefit of insurance.

If there is a sudden accident in our future or with any member of our family, or if he becomes disturbed by any disease or becomes disturbed by any disease,

then the hospital has to spend millions of rupees on medicines. And if we do not have money in it, then we can not save that member of our family, they can not get rid of that disease,

If we had been insured from any of the best companies, then all the amount of money spent on medicines of Sara would have been done through the company's entire bill and we do not have to pay a single penny on our behalf.

Types of Health Insurance 

Friends, Health Insurance is the ordering of your purchased policy, however, if we talk about health insurance, there are two main types:
First Individual Health Insurance, And the other is:
Family Floater Plan,
Now you have to decide which health insurance plan you have to choose from.

My opinion, if you have a family floater plan, which is a health insurance, it is for the whole family, it is the West Within Family Health Insurance, if your family has 5 members, then 5 members have health insurance,

in which you have to pay a premium for the year,

it is also at a very low rate. The accounting of this health insurance leads to any disease of any of your family or if it is administered in the hospital, the cost of total medicines is paid by the health insurance company.

Why it is important to get a Health Insurance 

Friends, if talked about developed countries, then the government throughholding health insurance has been imposed, but if you talk about the other country, you are hesitant to accept health insurance there,

it considers it a waste of money. Today, we are clean, healthy and will not be guaranteed healthy tomorrow, this is the reason why we should take health insurance

Benefits of Health Insurance 

Friends,  health insurance has many advantages, if you do not have any money and that time is sick in your family member and you get admission in the hospital then you do not have to pay any money, If your health insurance is done then all payments are made through that company.

It is necessary that whichever company you take from health insurance, check it thoroughly

Best teas for weight loss( how to reduce tummy fat) : naturaly

Best teas for weight loss( how to reduce tummy fat) : naturaly

Dosto motapa 1aam samasya Ban Gaya Hai. Aaj Hum baat kare Hamaredesh ki to 100 me se 90 log Aise hai jo body weight se pareshan hai Aur Woh Din Pratidin Bahut Si dawao ka use karte hain us Motape ko kam karne ke liye, kuch log exrcise ya yoga bhi karte hai taaki motapa kam kr paaye.
Tea for weight loss
Dosto Itni mehnat karne ke baad bhi motapa kam nahi hota hai,
Hum Batane ja rahe hai aapko Aisi chai ke baare mein jo yadi aap apni life mein use karte hai to apko better result milenge.


green tea ya jise hum Aam bhasa me hari chahi bhi kehte hai. Aajkal dekha ja raha hai ki green tea ka chalan kaafi ho raha me bhi kaafi ads apko green tea ke milte hai.
Green tea for weight loss
 Green tea me bhut ase gun hai jiski wajah se green tea logo ko kafi psnd aane lagi hai


 green tea ka chalan china se hua Or uske baad british logo ne pure ashiya me green tea ko fela diya.
Purane time me green tea ka use aayurveda me kiya jata tha. Chot pr iska lap kiya jata tha.


Yadi aap apna weight kam krna chahte hai or ak sunder-sudhhol body pana chahte hai to green tea ek best option hai. Green tea me kafin paya jata hai jo ki achhi herb hai. Hari chai me kaffiene ki matra bhut jyada hoti hai. Iske sath hi hari chai me vitamin(c), or antioxidants bhut adhik matra me hote hai.
Yadi aap green tea ka use morning me khali pet karte hai to apke tummy ki extra charbi ya fat burn hota hai. Mtlb ki apke body me calories burn hoti hai. Kyonki chai me upsthit kaffiene apke axtra weight ko hatane ka kaam krta hai. Or antioxidant apke body ko proper matra me oxigen deta hai jisse apka blood sudh hota hai or apka heart bhi proper circulation me kaam karne lagta hai.


Green tea (hari chai) ko yadi aap din me 3 bar use karte hai wo bi Morning me 1 cup (bina kuch khaye) Dopahr me 1cup,
Shyam ko 1 cup khana khane ke baad or sone se pahle, Yadi aap daily isi karm me hari chai ka use karte hai to apka extra weight remove(decrease) hoga or apko ek belly fit body milegi.


 Green tea banana bhut hi aasan hai. Green tea banane ke liye aap 2cup pani ko ubale or usme aadha spoon green tea ki patiya dale or kuch der dhak de. Or fir use piye,
Yadi aap green tea bag use karte hai to aap green tea bag ko cup me daale or usme garm pani dale kuc der ase hi rahne de or bag bahr nikal de, ab aap use kare.

GREEN TEA SIDE EFFECTS: chai ko yadi ap adhik matra me use karte hai to apke liye nukshan dayak ho sakti hai kyoki usme kafin hota hai jo chinta-preshani peda kr sakta hai, jee michlana, compan hona, chakr aana jaisi problems apko ho sakti hai,
2.chhote bacho ko green tea nhi deni chahiye. 3.garbhbati mahilao ko bhi green tea ka sewan nhi karna chahiye Kyonki wo uske bache jo abhi duniya me nhi aaya. ke liye problem create ho sakti hai,


Black tea for weight lose
black tea yany Ki Kali chai.Dosto bahut se Aise log Hain Jo ki doodh wali chai Peena Pasand Karte Hain.friends Bata Doo Ki dudh wali chai Peene ke bahut se haanikaarak effect  Hain.
Yadi aap dudh wali chai ka Sevan apni thakan, Sar-Dard ko Dur karne mein karte hain Toh Yeh Aap Ki nadani Hai,
friends Jab aap garm-garm dudh wali chai ka Sevan karte hain toh ek baar aap ke Sharir ki enrgy ka level cafi badh Jata Hai Jisse aap ko fayda mehsoos Hota Hai.
but uske baad mein Doodhwali Chai Aap Ke sarir Par kya Asar dalti Hai Woh aap Jante bhi nahi
Doodhwali Chahe aap ke pet Mein Kabj, acidity,gas in Sabhi problem ko create karti hai


Kali Chai ya black tea. friends Kali chai ke bahut Sare fayde Hain Kyunki isme antioxidant, vitamins C or caffeine paya jata hai Jo apke body ke development ko Sudharta hai,


Yadi aap apna weight kam krna chahte hai or ak sunder-sudhhol body pana chahte hai to Black Tea ek best option hai. Black tea me kafin paya jata hai jo ki achhi herb hai. Kali chai me kafin ki matra bhut jyada hoti hai. Iske sath hi Kali chai me vitamin(c), or antioxidants bhut adhik matra me hote hai.
Yadi aap Kali tea ka use morning me khali pet karte hai to apke tummy ki extra charbi ya fat burn hota hai. Mtlb ki apke body me calories burn hoti hai. Kyonki chai me upsthit Caffiene apke axtra weight ko hatane ka kaam krta hai. Or antioxidant apke body ko proper matra me oxigen deta hai jisse apka blood sudh hota hai or apka heart bhi proper circulation me kaam karne lagta hai.


Dosto Kali chai ka use Kaise Kare Ye Bhi bahut badi baat hai yadi aapko Kali chai ka use nahi aata Ki Kali ChaI ko kaise Lete(use) Karte  Hai To Mai Bata Doo Ki aap ek din main Kewal 3 se 4 Cup Kali chai ka use kare aap morning mein ek Cup khana khane se pahle Kali chai ka Sevan kar sakte hain.friend uske baad aap dopahar Mein khana khane ke baad mein Kali chai ke Ek Cup ka Sevan kar sakte hain uske baad aap Shyam Ko Sone se pehle Ek Cup Kali chai Pee sakte hain Dosto is Karam main aap Kali chai ka use Lambe Samay se karte hain toh aap ke Sharir ki Josh Rachna hai vo acchi ho jayegi aapka extra weight fat Ya motapa Hai Wo Kaam Ho Jayega


friends Dekha Jaye to Khali ChaI ke koi bhi side effect Nahi Hai Yedi Aap Kali Chai proper matra me Lete Hain.
Kali chai chote baccho Ko Nahi deni chahiye Kyunki usme upasthit caffeine demag ko effect Karta Hai Kyunki chote baccho ka dimaag abhy Puri trah schedule of nahi hota hai so chote baccho ko Kali chai ka Sevan nahi karne Dena chahiye,
garbhwati mahilao ko bhi Kali chai ka Sevan nahi karna chahiye



Dosto herbal tea ka Chalan purane Samay se ho raha hai Ayurved maybe herbal tea ka zikar Milta Hai herbal tea bahut Sare Herbals  Se Usko Ektha Karke Banai Jati Hai.Jaise adrak, Nimbu, laung,elaichi,dalchini,Jira ,ajwain ityaadi

Herbal tea for weight loss


Dosto herbal tea ka Jikar 4000 Saal Pehle se ho raha hai Prachin kaal mein herbal tea ka upyog Bahut Si bimariyon ka ilaj mein kiya jata tha aaj bhi herbal tea ka upyog Bahut Si Bimari ko thik karne mein kiya Jata Hai Lekin kuch log aise hi Jeene herbal tea ke fayde ke baare mein pata nahi hai.
herbal tea Ek aisa utpad hai Jise aap Yadi Deaily use karte hai to aap Hamesha Taro Taja aur fit rah sakte hai aur aap ke Sharir Mein Rog pratirodhak chamta Ka bhi Vikas Hota Hai


Dosto herbal tea mein bahut se Herbs Keh gun Ek Saath Mein Paya Jaate Hain Yeh aap ke Sharir ki Sabhi Jarurtoko pura Karte Hain Hum jante hai  Ki herbal tea main adrak, Nimbu, Laung, elaichi in sabhi ko Dala jata hai aur in Sabhi Ke gun aapko Ek tea ke roop Mein Aapki body Ko Mil Jate Hain.

Dosto herbal tea Mein Vitamin C, vitamin B, Vitamin B6, potassium, calcium,magnesium, Iron ye sabhy gun ek saath mein Paye Jate Hain,
aur sab se main part Hai herbal tea Mein antioxidant ke gun Hote Hain Jo aapke body ke fat ko kam Karte Hain Aapke body ki calories ko burn Karte Hain Jis Se aap ka extra weight Kam hota hai woh Hath Jata Hai Ya Dheere Dheere kam ho jata hai,


Dosto herbal Chai banana bahut hi asaan hai iske liye aap ko Ek Pan Mein thoda Pani lena hai aur usne aapko adrakh, Nimbu ka ras, laung,elaichi,dalchini in ki braber  Matra leni hai aur Ubalate Hue Pani Mein Sabhi Ko Dal dena hai aur Kuch der tak pani ko
Ubalna  Hai Jab tak ki Pani Aadha reh Jaye.
phir Use Neeche Utar Le Thanda Kare aur use kare,


Dosto herbal Chai ko aap Din Mein 4-5 Cups tak Pee sakte hain
morning mein aap ache se do cup tak herbal Chai ka use kar sakte hai woh bhi khana khane se pehle ,
aur dofare main aap khana khane ke baad mein ek Cup herbal chai ka use kar sakte hain.
raat ko aap Sone se aadhe ghante pahle 1 cup herbal chai ka use kar sakte hain


Dosto herbal chai ke koi bhi side effect Nahi Hai Yeh ekdum natural tarike se Banai Jati Hai herbal chai banane ke liye jo bhi hai uski jarurat padti hai wo Sare Hame nature se Milte Hain Woh kabhi bhi chemical tarike se nahi Banaye Jate is Karan se jo herbal Chai hai uska koi bhi side effect  nahi hota hai, ye aap ke Sharir Ko Kisi bhi Prakar Ka nuksaan Nahi Pahuchati  Hai
yadi aap herbal Chai ko Sahi tarike se Piye Ge  toh aap ke sarir ko Kafi fayda hone wala hai.

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Jodo ke dard ka aayurvedic ilaj-5 tips to remove pain [ arthritis ek samsya ]

Jodo ke dard ka aayurvedic ilaj-5 tips to remove pain [ arthritis ek samsya ]

Jodo ka dard ek bhut badi samsaya hai jo old peoples me akser dekhne ko milti hai.
Jodo ka drd ya ise arthritis bhi kahte hai. Ye mukhayt 40-45 year ke baad ye samsya utapn hoti hai .
Arthritis ka ilaj-heldiindia
Jodo ka dard ya arthritis ek bhut badi samsya hai jo india me hi nhi balki all word me puri trh se fel gyi hai.
Akser jodo ka drd peda hota hai khan-paan se.
Hum jo daily oily or unheldi food khate hai uski wajh se aapko 40 year ki age me ye problem hoti hai.
Hum akser dekhte hai ki hamre bade dada, chacha ko chalne me bhut presani hoti hai.
Unko sidhiyo/steps per chadne me bhut jyada presani hoti hai wo aasani se na beth sakte hai na hi chal sakte hai.
Wo her din is pain problem se jhunjhte hai.

Jodo ka dard knyo hota hai (kya karan hai)
Akser dekha jata hai ki insan aajkal swad ke chalte, junk food ka sewan jyada krne laga hai. Usne ghar ke khane ko chhod diya hai wo ab hotel ka masale wala khana pasnd krne laga hai oil se bane kachori, burgur, samose, usko achhe lagne lage hai.
Lakin us time wo apne sharir ko bhul jata hai usko yaad hai to bs apna swad or maja.
Bs wo es problem me fasta chala jata hai use weight problems, sugrr, bp, jaisi bimariya jkd leti hai.
Kaise bache:-
Jodo ka dard ya arthritis ek aisi bumari hai jo apke hand, per, rid ki haddi me utpan hoti hai. Jodo ke bich me jo jhilali hoti hai wo remove ho jati hai or jod apas me ragadne lagte hai jis karan jodo me pain. Ankd, dard hota hai.
Bachne ke liye apko junk food or oily food ko chodna hoga aap ghr me bane heldi khane ka use kare .

Aayurvedic upchhar:-

Haldi wala milk:
Aayurvedic upchar me haldi ka dhudh bhut hi achha tonic hai yadi aap daily haldi wala dhudh pite hai to apke jodo me dard nhi hoga kyonki haldi me magnicium,and calcium or iron jaise gun hote hai jo apke body demands ko puara krti hai
Yadi aap haldi wala dhudh pite hai to apko ye dard se rahat milegi or apko ye problems life me nhi hogi.
Haldi or chune ka lap:

  • Yadi aap apne jodo r haldi or chune ka lap lagate hai to apko is problem se rahat milegi .
  • Kyonki chune me calcium hota hai jo ki apke jodo ks main liquid hai , apke jodo me jo inemal hota hai uska name hai calcium, 
  • Yadi aap daily chune or haldi ka lap apne jodo khaskr pero ke ghutno pr lagate hai to apko is jodo ke dard me labh hoga .

  • Apne pero ko garm pani me rakhna:
  • Yadi aap roj apne dono pero ko gharm pani me 10-15mint rakhte hai to apko kaafi rahat milti hai.
  • Attention:- jyada gharm pani ka use n kare ,asa krna apke liye khtrnak ho sakta hai.

Morning walk:-
aap daily mornig me jitna ho thod-thoda chalna chahiye.


  • Dhoop me natural vitamin-D hota hai jo apke sharir me vitamin d ki purti krta hai.
  • Yadi aap daily morning me thhodi der ghoop me bethate hai to apke liye bhut faydemnd hota hai kyonki vitamind hadadiyo ko majbut banati hai. 
  • Jisse apke ghutno ki hadiya jo ki umer ke sath weak ho gayi hai, strong bnegi.

Aayurvedic herbs:-

  1. अमृता सत्व,गोदंती भस्म,प्रवाल पिष्टी,स्वर्ण माक्षिक भस्म,महावत विध्वंसन रस,वृहद वातचितामणि रस,एकांगवीर रस, गुग्गुल,चंद्रप्रभावटी,पुनर्नवा मंडुर

 औषधियों के सेवन से  बिना किसी sideeffect के अधिक लाभ मिलता है।
Arthritis ka ilaj-heldiindia

In osdiyo ko aap doctor ki pramers ke anusar kare
Aksar ye osdhiya apko arthritis me bhut labh pahuchati hai or unka koi side effect nhi hai.
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5-ways to make herbal tea at home-eassy and quick

5-ways to make herbal tea at home-eassy and quick

Dosto herbal tea Hum ghar par bana sakte hain.
herbal tea ke bahut Sare body benefits Hai is se Pehle Hum Jaan Lete Hain Ki herbal tea kaise banate hain iske liye kya kya Herbs ki Hame jarurat padti hai.
Friend herbal tea bhut achhi aayurvedic chai hai jo aap gher me bana sakte hai.
Herbal tea benifits

 Herbal tea Mein Kaam Aane Wale Sare Herbs Hamari Rasoi ghar mein available Hote Hain
Jaise jeera adrak, Nimbu, ajwain, long, elaichi,dalchini, Tulsi Ke  patte.
Friends jaan lijiye herbal tea bnate kaise hai
   How to make herbal tea:
Jrurti samaan-

  1. Nimbu
  2. Adrak
  3. Ajwain
  4. Laung
  5. Dalchini
  6. Elaichi
  7. Jeera
  8. Tulsi leaves

Pakane ke liye bartan

  • sabse Pehle Aap Adrak ke juice ko ek kaTori main nikale 
  • long, elaichi, jeera, ki barabar Mantra le.
  • Adrak ke ras main do chammach Nimbu ka ras daale 
  • Sabhi Jarurti  Saman ko Apne Paas rakh le
  •  patili Mein Do cup Pani Dalo usme long, elaichi, jeera, dalchini isko Daal De 
  • aur usse gas stove pr ubale 
  • Jb tak ubalte rahe ki pani aadha na rah jaye.
  • Fir use utaar le or thanda kare
  • Or usse dhak kr rakhe.
  • Jab thanda ho jaye tb usme aap adrak or nimbu ka ras daale
  • Bs apki herbal tea teyaar hai..
  • Aap use jrurt ke hisab se pi sakte hai 
  • Friends herbal tea ke bhut saare fayade hai.
  • Hamari is post me jane herbal tea ke fayade

Tulsi tea:-    
Herbal tea surprising body benifits

  • Friends tulsi ek bhut achhi herbs hai iski tasir bhut garm hoti hai but jab aapko sardi, cold, cough jaisi bimari ho to aap tulsi tea ka use kr sakte hai.
  • Isse apki khansi jaisi problem dur hogi.
  • Kaise bnaye: 
  • How to make tulsi tea: dosto tulsi chai banana bhut hi aasan hai iske liye apko tulsi or nimbu dono ki jrurt hoti hai jo apke kichen me aasani se mil jate hai.
  • Sabse pahle apko 200-300 gm tulsi ki pattiyo ko chhanya me sukhana hai or iske baad use 1-2 cup pani me ubalana hai 
  • Aap jab tak ubalte rahe ki pani aadha rah jaye.
  • Fir usko thhanda kare or usme nimbu ka ras, sugur dalkr use kare.  

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Health benefits of cardamom [ इलायची के अनोखे स्वास्थ्य लाभ ]

       Health benefits of cardamom.[इलायची के अनोखे स्वास्थ्य लाभ]

Health benefits of cardamom by Heldiindia
Ilaichi ko pure world me spices Ke tor per jante hai. isme potecium,calcium,magnesium paye jate hai jo apki body ke liye bhut labhkari hai.

  History of cardamom:

  • Cardamom is considered to be one of the world old spices. The use of this spice to back at least 4500 year. The Ancient Egyptians used Cardamom for many medical purposes  They chewed cardamom pods as a way to help keep their breath minty and to help clean their teeths. 
  • The Greek and Roman used Cardamom for its pungent it is aroma.  It was a main ingredient in perfumes and aromatic oil.
  • "Vikings first discovered this spice during their travels and brought it back to Scandinavia".  

  • Cardamom originally came from wild plants located in the Western Ghat in Southern India. The plants grew in such abundance in this region that this area became known as Cardamom Hill.

              Ilaichi ka history:

  • Ilaichi sansar s sabse purana masala hai .lagbhag 4500 saal pahle pta chala tha is masale ke bare me .
  • Sabse pahle Egyptians ke logo ne is masale ka use ilaj ke rup me krte the jaise apne dant saaf karne me.
  • Greek or roman ke log ise aroma ke name se jante hai.
  • Or ise English me cardamom ke name se jana jata hai.
  • Ilaichi old time me south india ke west ki pahadiyo me payi jati thi is karan ise ilaichi ke pahad bhi kahte hai.

           Ilaichi ke swasthya labh

  • Ilaichi ko pure word me masalo ke rup me kiya jata hai .ilaichi world ka most khusbudar spice hai. Khushbu ke sath-sath ilaichi me bhut sare ase gun hai jo apki body me bhut sary bimariyo ko dur kr sakti hai
  • Ilaichi do prkar ki hai small and big
  • Lakin dono hi ilaichi me same gun hai but india me her kitchen me payi jati hai small . jo ki bhut sare guno se bharpur hai. Ilaichi me potecium, calcium, magnesium jaise kanij tataw paye jate hai.hamary body me in sabhi padartho ki jrurt hai .akser inki kami ho jati hai. [चेहरे की सुंदरता बढाऐ 7 दिन]

            Heart ki bimariya dur kare:

Ilaichi me potecium paya jata hai jo ki hamari body ka main liquid hai ilaichi khane se body me , blood me potecium ki kami puri hoti hai or apka blood thik se kaam krta hai uski quality me sudhar aata hai. Heart attack jaisi badi bimari me bhi ilaichi ka use apko raht deta hai, yadi aap roj 2 ilaichi khate hai to aap in bimariyo me kabhi nhi fasenge
Health benefits of cardamom by Heldiindia

                 Mouth fressure


Ilaichi ka use mouth ki badbu ko dur karne me kiya jata hai
Yadi aap kisi se bat krte or apke mouth me badbu aati hai or ye problem apko bat krne me sankoch peda karti hai to aap rojana ilaichi ko mouth me rakh sakte hai or chaba sakte hai asa krne se apko mouth badbu jaisi problems apko nhi hogi

                     kabaj se rahat 

 Yadi apko kabaj jaisi bimariya  hai to apko ilaichi ka sewan krna chahiye kyonki ilaichi ke sewan se apke body system pr prbhav padta hai wo strong banta hai.
Ilaichi ko ubalakr aap uska pani roj piye to apko kabaj ki problems nhi hogi aap perfect ho jaynge. [शहद का इतिहास जानिए ]

                acidity me rahat 

Yadi apko acidity jaisi problem hai to ilaichi oil apki is problem ko dur krta hai. Ilaichi me isensial oil hota hai jo apke under ke system ko strong krta hai or apko acidity me rahat milti hai

           gale ki kharas ko dur kare

 Jane anjane mosam ke badal jane ke karn apko gale me kharas jaisi problems ho jati hai is problem se chhutkara pane ke liye apko ilaichi ka use krna chahiye ap ilaichi pani piye dil me ek bar sone se pahle or apki problem dur ho jayegi.

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